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May 17, 2012


William G. Gonzalez

To:United States Senate Members:

To OPEN the defense Budget Bill(NDAA),means TRANSPARENCY and RELIABILITY of information to American citizens.American people, DO NOT WANT SECRECY with the defense Budget Bill(NDAA).

Bryan Rahija


Thank you for reading -- we've updated the post to reflect your feedback!

J William Halfpenny

Long as we congtinue to ignore the dumbing down of America
that the Repubs have been working on, every office will be for sale! We keep electing these sell-outs that will take a pitance to vote for anthing, we are being controled by the 1%, and in a few more elections they will own the country. We must wake up! If we just keep going along with anything they want, we deserve what happens to us. 1/2d [Radical Pregmatist}


From reading this post, it sounds like the bill prevents public disclosure of contributions by contractors in the FEC database. But when I read the bill, I found it does not prohibit disclosure to the FEC. In fact, for those who choose to search for it, the information will CONTINUE TO BE available in the FEC database. All the bill does is prevent a contracting officer from using that information to inform his decision on a contract or his contract performance reviews, thus preventing pay-to-play. Your post is factually incorrect and misleading. It also contains a grammatical error. You should correct these mistakes.

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