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May 11, 2012


Emile Zola

This emphasis placed on the the need for more I.Gs is nothing more than a way of trying to stamp out corruption, but doing nothing. In most cases and judging from personal experiences, is just more of the same, but appearing to be doing something about. Something like Obama does all the time. He appears to be doing something for America and yet he delivers, except on the gay/lesbian issue which he caved in for money, the same and in many cases, worse than the guy he replaced and criticized every day until the candidate became president and then Obama became Bush the third. If the I.G. system were as good as POGO makes it out to be, we wouldn't have war crimes, torture, corruption galore; Guantanamo wouldn't have become what it is today, etc. We need an oversight committee without political ideologies, agendas and having honest people with proven integrity in charge; other than that, is like changing one corrupt system with another and that never works. Halliburton, corruption to the nth degree, is still going strong today and without any accountability.

Jeanne Nolasco

Obama has been a complete bust as president. Liberal Democrats have moved from initial disbelief of his actions (and lack of actions)to total disgust. He simply is not a leader. His failure to appoint watchdogs is just one example. Why don´t we draft Dennis Kucinich for the Democratic nomination? Like Obama, he is a great speaker, but he is also someone who works for what he stands for.

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