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May 18, 2012



Dear Senator Levin,

Sir, the times they are a changing. Either you will be on the side of the people and real democracy or you will be left behind.

Closed government creates such Constitutional blights as "permanent detention" and "the whole world is a war zone".

Democracy and our Constitution which you have repeatedly sworn to uphold require open government.

It is depressing to watch courageous senators such as yourself slip into a, "I'd rather be safe than free" mode of government. Such "safety" brings neither freedom noe safety.

I doubt that you need to hear from me that democracy takes courage, but maybe I'm wrong???

liz allen

Whats up with Carl Levin? Didnt he support the NDAA legislation? What are they afraid of...how is it possible to claim we have a democracy of the people, for the people, when we the people are the last to know.

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