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May 18, 2012


Garver admitted to being "very excited" about the launch, which will usher in a new era of space travel for the U.S., one in which private companies design and build NASA's spacecraft, with the agency acting as just a single customer. With the current launch, SpaceX supplied the entire rocket, from its Merlin engines up. - Federal News Radio

NASA has been forced to use suppliers that design and test rockets investing their own money, not stealing the US taxpayer's money at gun point and throwing those funds at their contractor's learned stupidity. And what has this "highly risky" approach of properly using capitalist incentives done for NASA? It has signficantly reduced their launch costs, even more than using socialist built rockets from Russia. What will the US Air Force take from this lesson? They'll try to do a better job with their F-35 propaganda so they aren't forced to use sound capitalist principles in the way they buy their small, single engine, fighter jets.


I hope one day Mr. Wheeler will join me in urging Congress to put an end to the federal government providing "for profit" companies a monetary incentive to drag out weapons development and jack up costs. We need to put an end to these federal contracts that guarantee the contractor $1.10 for every $1.00 they spend developing and building weapons. That's clearly a recipe for failure. Anyone provided with a contract like that clearly has been given an incentive to spend more instead of less.

Though I agree with Mr. Winslow's assessment that we can get much more bang for our defense dollar, he has studiously ignored the effect of contracting rules in determining the behavior demonstrated by defense contractors. When defense contracts go back to rewarding contractors for results instead of process, then and only then will we begin to get better bang for the buck.

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