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May 25, 2012


Charles Witteck

I must becoming slower as I get older. When we said "freedom" I think we meant political freedom, more or less shared. Now it seems to denote "economic" freedom which, increasingly, is less and less shared.

claire sliptchuik

Our supreme court in their infinite wisdom have sold our democracy to the highest bidder....aren't we lucky? Doesn't anyone care anymore? When did this become OK?

Our Congressmen/women and Senators are truly a bunch of "Wimps" - they can't stand up for our democracy or us lest they might not be re-elected. The Founders of our once Great Exceptional Nation must be turning over in their graves.

Anna Feldman

Regarding the connections JPMorgan has with both the House and possibly the Senate and the SEC, I think this "open door policy" will continue unless the money is taken out of the political process. Dylan Ratigan, from MSNBC, has started a petition to stop the corruption of politics. He realizes, as do many Americans, that the Congress and the Senate will not be the path for this to occur. It may be a long road to get the states to take this up and pass, but I think we mustgive it a try in order to take back our democracy. Please consider signing Dylan's petition!

Capt. Chris

We need to turn the tables, for every fine against them regulators get a bonus and execs from the industry have to cover out of their bonuses. See how long to turn around

Peter Scannell

The straw that broke the whistle-blower's back?


These thieves will stop at nothing to rob the coffers of the US and the bank accounts of hard working Americans.

May they rot in heck!!!

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