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May 29, 2012


Joyce Bower

I am very happy for all efforts to stem genuine "pork", but calling efforts to protect sea otters "pork" is so ignorant, it makes me unable to accept things presented here at face value. It seems we also have to watch the watchers, sigh.


Seriously, you're going to quibble about a billion dollars spent here or a few hundred million spent there? Are the golf courses on Air Force bases what is really causing the US taxpayer to get so little bang for the buck? I mean, hell, the friggen F-35 program is over a trillion dollars. That's a thousand times a billion for those of you who've lost touch with numbers that large. We could buy a golf course for every man in the military above the rank of Colonel and not spend more than a couple of billion. How can you be so out of touch? There's no secret to how the defense contractors are robbing the US taxpayer. They're doing it in plain sight. If you want to help someone, why don't you come up with a way to fix the problem? I think we're well past finding it.

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