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Apr 25, 2012



Perhaps he can help here.

From http://www.homegrown.org/group/backyardlivestock/forum/topics/goat-share [Emphasis added.]

In CA. They just passed SB917 & AB1117 is on the Governor's desk.

AB1117- will allow for animals to be seized & destroyed prior to getting a warrant. LEO, ACO or Humane Officers are given the powers to be judge, jury, & Executioner. The person charged will not be able to be near any animals for 5-10 years. Fines & liens are placed on the animal owner, or who ever is standing near by.

Now that SB917 has passed . Pretty much anything to do with animals is a risk of being charged with animal cruelty. For example it will be a act of animal cruelty to meet & greet a buyer on the roadside.

These laws are a direct assault to the farming industry. They were passed as puppy & kitten laws by lawmakers.

The problem is they are not exempting livestock.

CA is not the only state with some strange legislation going through to make new laws.

A raid on a rabbit farm in Colorado, now has a few state's lawmakers creating Animal Hording laws.

Rabbits are listed as livestock by the USDA.

I called the US House Committee ON Agriculture in Washington D.C. To learn more about livestock laws.

In most laws Fed law rules over State Law.

I was informed. The Feds exempted "USDA listed Livestock & animals" from the Feds rule, over state law.

Leaving each state up to creating it's own animal & livestock laws. Please pay attention to what is on the books in each state. For there is a movement to end all animal ownership by special interest groups.

This is consistent with recent major laws (such the food "safety" law) put in place to allow for mass slaughter of animals based on a "declaration" of (non-threatening or even non-existent) animal diseases, and of laws or actions that remove food control from the hands of people, increasing the risk of famine. http://foodfreedomgroup.com/2012/10/24/arranging-a-us-famine/

It is also consistent with Obama's executive order in March. http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_25076.cfm

The 2nd a mend ment becomes important for a food reason - if the economy collapses and/or there are severe food shortages, people could survive through hunting and help others as well.

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