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Apr 30, 2012


Mia Steinle

Hi Skeptic,

Our opposition to Svinicki's nomination is not based on the fact that she worked on the Yucca Mountain project. Rather, it is based on the fact that she was asked during a Congressional hearing if she had worked on the project and she said no, which was inaccurate.

Jon Luellen

This seems like another ploy by Harry Reid (with Barbara Boxer also in tow this time) to try to insert another NRC commissioner onto the NRC panel to further influence the direction of the NRC Commissioners in their decision-making. I don't see how they have the expertise to be able to understand the exact nature of work that NRC nuclear experts on the Commission do as part of their work. They are good at twisting Q&A sessions by asking overly-simplified leading questions to help them achieve their own objectives (trying to find a way to be able to manipulate gross public opinion) which I guess makes them good politicians. I think they should stick to their own arena and stay out of areas where they lack the required technical knowledge.


Wait a minute here. Kristine Svinicki worked in the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management. A part of her work touched on Yucca Mountain, but indirectly. Is this a crime? Who was harmed by Kristine having anything to do with the Yucca Mountain project, which Congress funded and which DOE was required to work on? Please imagine a Republican senator asking a Democratic appointee to the EPA whether they ever worked on the question of whether CO2 is a pollutant. Would this blog support the Republican senator, if indeed the appointee had done some minor, tangential work? What is the crime here?


Reid and Boxter as well as POGO display typical leftist scientific illiteracy when it comes to technical issues. Svinicki's work was not on Yucca Mountain specifically nor on the license application just as she stated. These documents could apply to any repository as they were inventory of nuclear wastes. She did an excellent job describing what she did. Reid and Boxter and POGO seem to want to discredit any of the 20,0000 scientists, engineers or anyone else who touched nuclear waste issues in the years Yucca Mountain was the legally designated waste site being actively designed at the direction of CONGRESS. This is modern McCarthyism at its worst. Why is POGO supporting this?


Have you seen this:

"Tell Your Senators and President Obama: Oppose Svinicki Re-nomination to NRC"


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