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Apr 23, 2012


J William Halfpenny

It seems to me that the first thing anyone must do after getting a government job with any authority is to learn "weasel speak". I have yet to hear a straight-forward
answer from anyone when answering any question involving possible waste or stupidity or even neglect on anyone's part. All you ever get is weasle-speak, but never an answer!
Are these peopl;e forbidden to speak English? All you ever get is CYA, and "no names, please". 1/2d


It is amazing to me that people get so angry about so little of their tax money being wasted. The Department of Defense wastes BILLIONS every year, and there is no outcry at all. The GSA wastes a few thousand to a million and they have become the face of waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government? What a joke. I guess people with tiny minds can wrap them around tiny amounts. Too bad there aren't more people with big minds who would get angry about the fact that the waste in the DoD, beyond making a few undeserving bastards rich, has additional effects of causing our brave young soldiers in the field to die needlessly and causes our nation to be weaker over all.

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