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Apr 30, 2012



its amazing that the peoples' needs are so often subverted, dissed, ignored while we pretend that things can be done correctly or properly without full representation of the peoples' interests being provided.

art iv, sec iv us constitution guarantees every state in the union a republican form of government. who, what guarantees the democratic peoples a progressiveness that implements true, sustainable, direct, participatory democracy?

only the people-not the peoples' representatives-whose interest are their own-translate: the dictates of the republican state and the control of the federation of these united states of america. no concurent or recurrent positioning.

it would seem to be in the best interests of both to maintain the democratic peoples barefoot and pregnant with not to be fulfilled possibilities.

with 2/3 of the consent of all registered voters or 2/3 of the legislative body or a fair hearing conducted in federal court that addresses lack of the peoples' needs being met in the current vacuum (that won't happen) we will never be more and very probably less likely as successful as the only other democratic republic known to have ever existed-germany's weimar.

choosing at random, lets open all elective, appointive, political civil service positions for two year periods to all registered voter citizens to serve. keeping salaries, benefits in place let them serve in all local, regional, state, federal positions. let's work for our democracy. no one else does.

i say let's vote on it. it's the only way to save this great opportunity we can make available to ourselves, others.


POGO wrote:
>Jake Wiens has been beating this drum for some time.
No more drums, file a complaint in US Federal Court and serve the US Pres. Obama to hire more IGs.

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