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Apr 16, 2012


COL(ret) Jim Hampton

Wish you Godspeed and success in your endeavors. It was good meeting you and working with you on one of your projects. Especially hope your entrepreneurial endeavor pans out . . . in the meantime I'll hoist one in your honor.
All the Best!

Joseph Theis

Thanks to Nick in particular for putting a spotlight on human trafficking involving defense contractors and on accountability for Inspectors General. His passion in these area will be missed.

Martin Edwin Andersen

"Only the Youth can set you free. . ."


I'd like to thank Nick for his work on human enslavement (which is what "trafficking" really is). There is no higher journalistic calling than being a voice for the oppressed and no one is as oppressed as those forced into slavery. Also, thanks for pushing for the blog. It is a good opportunity for those of us working on government funded programs to provide a perspective on what is really going on "behind the scenes". I would invite more people to take advantage of this opportunity. Don't just complain, complain where it might do some good.

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