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Apr 11, 2012



I would rather see the draft back teaching the citizenry about the military first hand and eliminating the contractor segment of the pentagon. They seem to think 5 sided all of the time, maybe we need to put them in a 4 sided building again to regain normalcy.

Too Honest

A few months back,I had a job offer with a contractor to work on a government contract. I was so horrified by the situation that I turned it down (which took a lot in this down economy since I'm unemployed). The contractor had no background in the issue area. They just had done other work with the defense-related agency so they got a big contract when they had NO expertise in the area. Worse yet, if you were a subject matter expert (as I am), you knew quickly that the entire project, as designed by the agency, was a tremendous waste of time and money. Had the agency put out a request for a term employee, I would have applied, would have done useful, high quality work in a few weeks, all for a fraction of what they ultimately spent going through the contractor .... So where do I go to join the army of people who are fighting "contracting out"? It's an absolute waste!

Edith M. Conrad

One of many ways to privatize our country. Why bother privatizing the government, just take it all you bastards.


Not only are government contractors a great bargain for the US taxpayer, look at all they add to our national prestige. After all, we used to have a NASA that could design its own rockets. In those days we made going to the Moon seem routine. You can thank a government contractor for the last 40 years of not being able to do that again.

The 600 ship Navy we once had when Regan was in office, back when the Navy designed their own ships. Now they can't even keep 300 little crappy ships afloat and again you can thank a government contractor. Speaking of little crappy ships, you could buy 7 Iowa class battleships for what one LCS cost, but be careful what you ask for. An Iowa class battleship has 13 inch armor and can't be sunk by a .50 cal machine gun like the LCS can. It's going to take a lot more explosives to turn the battleship into a man made reef than the LCS, and that's what we really care about.

Yes, if you really enjoy getting less for more, thank a government contractor. In fact, why don't you call one right now? Their CEO won't mind. After all, their company makes at least $1.10 on every $1.00 of expenses they incur hiring these idiots so call and talk for a while. It's just more time they don't have to fill with make-work. You'll be doing us all a favor!

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