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Apr 17, 2012


Richard Tarr

Is there some "class warfare" hiding here ? This is how the "system" works for insiders. Believe me it doesn't work for the rest of us. This is how the power people have won this war...this and many other insider secrets.


Yeah, this is a real win for the US taxpayer. Let's see, now each and every employee at Booze Allen will have to take an extra "ethics training course" at your expense and this will all be conveniently swept under the rug. And the next contract they bid on they will lie their asses off to win just like everyone else does, because that's what the system rewards. But hey, the system works, right?

Scott Amey

Unethical behavior brought on by the revolving door created problems for Booz Allen, but now the revolving door may have come to the rescue. Neil mentioned Heddell, but the VP of the San Antonio office, Del Eulberg, also passed through the revolving door. According to Booz Allen's website, Eulberg leads Air Force infrastructure programs in the San Antonio office. Prior to joining Booz Allen, Eulberg served as the Chief Engineer in the Air Force, retiring as a Major General. Eulberg has been Booz’n since 2009. Neither Eulberg nor Booz Allen would comment to POGO on Eulberg’s involvement with the proposed debarment, but it couldn’t hurt having a senior manager who is former AF. Booz is likely exhaling a sigh of relief as it has received billions of dollars in Air Force contracts over the years.

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