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Mar 01, 2012



Yeah, this guy is a real whistle-blower. It's not like you can't hear the same thing from anyone who has come back from Afghanistan. Oh wait, yes, yes you can hear this from anyone who has come back from Afghanistan. The fact of the matter is, most of them don't publish what they've seen. They don't because they don't give a damn why we get out of that friggen hell hole. All they want is for us to get out and the sooner the better.

I have one friend who told us about the holes he got in his aircraft. He thought someone was shooting at them until he reported having been under fire, then he was assured it was just "celebratory fire". They weren't trying to kill he and his crew. Someone just happened to be firing in the air when they flew over. That's all. What are the odds?

You want the truth? The troops want to come home. They're sick of these wars without end. We all are. If they have to declare victory and run with their tails tucked, who gives a damn? Out is out.

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