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Mar 14, 2012


Kevin K

Re: "computer virus in the Predator and Reaper drones"; the virus was not in the drones. It was in the computers running Microsoft Windows back at the ground station in the USA, which are used to remotely control the drones as they fly in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The problem is not so much the cost although in the equation of guns or butter that is significant.

It is the inablity of our "Leaders" to refrain from using their toys in inappropriate ways and places. Any fool can make an argument for domestic uses such as drug smuggling or detection of remote forest fires, but not many will stand up and oppose inappropriate uses when they can be so effective.

Domestic spying is increasing exponentially. Domestic users and even the miltary rarely get in the argument of "Just because we can does not mean we should."

Fear mongering has become a government tool. We must learn as a people that the choice of safety and security over freedoms is a false one. Total security is an illusion. One that robs us of our Constitutional birth rights but without real results or guarantees.

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