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Mar 20, 2012



If anyone has the legitimate goal of not allowing our military to be hollowed out, then they need to join me in trying to put an end to the wasteful way in which the Department of Defense buys its weapons. They literally sign you and I up to contracts that guarantee defense contractors they will make $1.10 for every $1.00 they spend developing and building weapons. Now if you think that's a great way to buy weapons, then you try putting a contract like that in place with anyone for anything and see what happens. It is nothing but an open invitation for contractors to screw over the US taxpayer. It pays these contractors a bonus to do just that. Call your representative's office. Send them emails. Tell them if they really want to stop the hollowing out of our military then they need to put an end to "cost plus award fee" contracting. The US government should NEVER pay a for profit company to design anything. They should pay for results and results only.

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