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Mar 02, 2012



Since POGO is against the outsourcing of inherently government jobs, this situation were our Naval forces have declined radically over the last couple of decades should be of great interest to you. Did you realize that back when our Navy had 600 stout, battle worthy ships instead of something less than 300 thinly armored crappy ships like they do now, the Navy designed their own ships? Ever since they started outsourcing the design of their ships to defense contractors, the number of ships being built has dwindled sharply and their cost has gone up alarmingly. Could the solution to this problem be any easier? Isn't it time POGO add this situation to the campaign to stop the outsourcing of government jobs? This is clearly the easiest case that could possibly be made for the in-sourcing government jobs.

Our fleet size has been more than cut in half over the last couple of decades, and it is almost as if no one has noticed it. Both the time and cost of ship development has skyrocketed and no one has said a thing. Thousands of government jobs were outsourced to defense contractors and it was as if it didn't even happen. Now it is obviously working out very badly, and still no one says a thing. What is up with this?

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