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Mar 01, 2012


CR Sense

Wow !! Now they have gone and promoted the "incurred cost" Queen in the Central Region to DRD. This is a person who has really accomplished nothing in her career and has failed as the leader of DCAA's incurred cost backlog audit plan. Another Susan Barajas ? Watch out !!


"Employee" hit the nail on the head. DCAA is ruled and controlled by "Fear". So many are afraid to do anything, so they spin their wheels all day. DCAA is irrelevant. DCAA exists for DCAA only and their internal CIGIE police. Apogee Consulting has a web site, Google it and read what this fellow has to say. He is right on the mark, DCAA has failed. The entire SES has to be traded to another agency like the past failed Director April Stephenson. DCAA leaders have no idea of the scope of the problems and no clue how to right the boat. DCAA is an irrelevant agency controlled by fear.


Dcaa is hiring a lot of people but they keep giving work away. Now they want to get rid of incurred cost audits at small contractors. What will people in the branch offices be doing? They will staff everyone at the big places and auditors will be sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Our senior mgmt has no clue what they are doing. Why is dcaa even needed now when we do less and less with more and more people. Why are they still hiring when we are giving away all our work. When was the last time any rd or d or someone from policy visited a small contractor? Quality ruined us. They made dcaa irrelevant. We aren't needed. Thanks policy and quality.

Former DCAA

DCAA cannot be fixed with the current management in place. The agency will not report problems with large contractors (no problem in crushing the little guys). It is costing the taxpayer millions. Do away with DCAA and hire independent audit firms. They would have to be trained in FAR and CAS but that should not be a problem. DCAA will not report CAS noncompliances because they would rather take the easy way out which is to issue clean reports and not rock the boat. The good ole boy network and fear are running the agency.


Grant Thronton has it right. DCAA can't get out of it's own way. What good are DCAA audits, if they never see the light of day. DCAA is so broken that there is no hope. Total and complete dysfunction. Senior leadership is deaf, dumb and blind.

dcaa employee

The current state of the agency is pretty pathetic. You forgot to mention that our internal quality reviews remain dismmal. To fix the agency, they are looking to bring in management from outside who have had no contact with DCAA, contract auditing or really anything we do. To make up for their lack of knowledge, they are bringing back (as mentors) rehired annuitants. Two people doing the job of one.

The GAO really did a job- destroyed an agency when it was in need of a new director and repair.

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