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Feb 02, 2012


Elizabeth M.T. O'Nan

With this scenario repeated over and over why on earth would we trust anything the fed. gov. said regarding the safety of Fracking and our water supplies? There is a leaking Superfund site in Pennsylvania (the Robt. Grimes property of Tionesta, PA, in Forest County) that is smack dab in the middle of a national forest and the EPA has refused to respond to a FOIA request or reopen their investigation when this toxic waste is reportedly flowing into a drinking supply. This sounds like another dangerous EPA coverup. When will people realize that we can not depend on agencies that have covered up for industry and the 1% to admit that they have poisoned the 99% with premeditated random homicide? We cannot expect the CDC and the Dental Association to admit they have encouraged the deadly practice of drinking water fluoridation for years. This is the prime example of how our government has been corrupted not only in the service of the 1% but in covering up their egregious poisonous sins. The congressional mandate to protect American citizens should not apply to chronic war, but to stopping the poisoning which has killed and maimed more Americans than all the wars put together.

Anita Mitchell

Extremely disturbing as a parent. You want our young people to be patriotic and enlist and defend the U.S. all the time you are denying open flow of information about a condition at a base that may have harmed them.

Pick one. You either care about the health and welfare of our armed forces, work in concert with science to protect them,or choose of obfuscate and impede the flow of information to protect yourselves. Mistakes happen. The cover-up lasts longer than an ethical release of info., and remediation. If we can't trust you, you can't have our sons and daughters.

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