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Feb 21, 2012



Did you see this article:

Pentagon IG Reviewing Fatal Raptor Crash. Thursday Feb 9, 2012.

The Pentagon inspector general is investigating the Air Force's conclusions on a fatal F-22 crash, an unusual step for what are typically routine probes into aircraft accidents.

The IG sent a Jan. 25 letter to Air Force Secretary Michael Donley, saying the agency would investigate the Aircraft Investigation Board report into the November 2010 incident in Alaska, which killed Capt. Jeffrey Haney.

The Air Force's investigation blamed Haney for the crash, saying that Haney didn't react quickly enough to activate the jet's emergency oxygen system or recover from a dive he entered into as he struggled to breathe. However, the report also confirms that a malfunction occurred in the Raptor's bleed air intakes, which caused an automatic shutdown of multiple aircraft functions that included the F-22's primary oxygen system. - Air Force Times

As far as this aerospace engineer is concerned, there is never, I repeat NEVER, a good reason to shut off the pilot's air supply. If there is a backup supply, it should be brought online BEFORE the primary system is shut down. Doing otherwise almost guarantees the pilot will die.

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