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Feb 29, 2012


Hans de Koning

Does Mr. Hartung have any information on lobbyists for Lockheed Martin in The Netherlands? The government - read Air Force - there seems rather set on acquiring the JSF.

Ken Larson

I spent many years inside several operations of the Lockheed Martin organization in multiple project control capacities before burning out on the conflict of interest, ethics and waste issues that plagued my experiences there.

Mr. William Hartung's book is an accurate presentation of a dangerous industrial powerhouse that must be scaled back.

A principal contributor to the Iraq invasion "Set-up" and other dangerous US war incursion scenarios, this machine must be dismantled, downsized and managed.

Luther E. Franklin

In 1957...the Navy arbitrarily released many Reserve Officer Pilots, some of whom were close to retirement. Some members of my squadron were going to Lockheed, or other Aviation Companies.....OBVIOUSLY to grease communication between Navy Industry.

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