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Feb 01, 2012



A dozen years as a mid-/low-level defense "intellectual" does not add much credibility to Ms. Eaglen's arguments. She seems too concerned with the ind. base and not enough w how this debacle (late, over-run, off-spec, fibbed about) aircraft will be used. She does not couple her commentary with likely threat scenarios but instead assumes the unlikely. Betcha she'd be a checkenhawk if another hot war were in the offing; unwilling to suit up to fight herself, or send her own child or spouse, if eligible. She does not seem deterred by the DoD's and services' collective inability to manage and properly pay for large acquisitions. She also exposes her view that these mismanaged programs are, at root, jobs programs for [undoubtedly deserving] workers and mil retirees. So, the commentary is a kind of bloviation that is all too common and biased and needs to be ignored. Am amazed I dwelt on it so long.

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