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Feb 18, 2012



It does not make sense to have contractors watch contractors. If the contractors work for the same company, then they find no fault even when there is fault to find. If they work of competing companies, they find fault where there is none. It is an obvious conflict of interest.


defens--I agree FCS was a total failure, and Boeing (almost always hapless in its govt contracts) should have not been paid and should have been subject to criminal prosecution via material from an FBI investigation--that never took place. SAIC was Boeing's lackey in this incredible bungling. That said, it the the Department of the Army, as well as the generals involved, who should have been pilloried and penalized for abdicating their responsibilities. The contractors don't make the big decisions. The incompetent Army management were the real architects of the FCS debacle. Johnny McCain knows this well, and he should go get these officials and the companies, but, oh, it is too late, eh?


Having contractors watch contractors worked out so well for FCS (Future Combat Systems). Why do you think it might be a problem here? Hmm, it wouldn't be because FCS turned out to be a total failure, would it? After billions upon billions had been spent, every single FCS program, even those that had been brought back under government control, failed without a single weapon being produced. Why is that a problem? I mean, after all the contractors made their $1.10 off of every $1.00 they spent. They took their billions to the bank and we got stuck with nothing but more debt to China. Yeah, maybe having contractors watch contractors is a stupid idea now that you mention it.


Get a grip. The pernicious contractors who frighten you are no worse than the feds you seem to want to protect or avert your eyes from. The feds, not contractors, are mostly responsible for the idiocy and waste of so many IT procurements and, indeed, the awful state of federal IT and its attendant acquisition. Don't worry about the contractors so much; it would be startling if the person who gets the job u cite is not a retired fed--with all the knowledge, and all the bad habits you decry.

Shannon Trent

Fssi bpa for office products slays over 500 small businesses from GSA and awards all with
Mandatory use of just 15 companies! Outrageous example of stroke of the pen policies
Many companies who have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning the procurement process In their entry and attempt to do business with federal government now shut out completely, yet billions are spent on ptac sba and office of small and disadvanted business departments, claiming there ability to help small businesses enter the government procurement arena??
DLA ssi has garnered a couple of small businesses over 5 billion in the last few years and effectively
halted any other small business any access! I dont know about you, but since when is 5 billion considered a small business? Truly a tragedy for American small

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