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Feb 02, 2012



So have we replaced the Soviet Union yet? V. Putin working hard to prevent that. Juries still out!

Peter Scannell

As a result of my whistle blowing, many innocent employees like me were let go by the firm. We were offered severance packages to help compensate for our lost careers. I was asked to sign a seven page confidentiality agreement in order for me to collect my severance check. I balked at the length and breadth of the agreement. I told them they could shove it. Beyond the obvious reasons, I now know why they continued to harass and intimidate me long after my employment was terminated.

Now for the rest of the story.

Keep an eye on Sense on Cents where I have begun my tale. No other whistle blower should ever again have to endure their life being destroyed so that those duplicitous in the fraudulent acts can walk unexposed.


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