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Feb 14, 2012


The Truth

The huge returns from the GAO make reducing its budget idiotic by any measure, so what is the real reason they have they done exactly that?

First, it has nothing to do with saving money because the GAO has saved $80 for every dollar "spent" (invested would be a better word). If any of us had an opportunity for the proven 80 to 1 return on investment that GAO has delivered, wouldn't every intelligent human go "all in"? So why isn't congress investing in the GAO rather than cutting it? The reason they are cutting GAO's budget is because less oversight makes it easier to maintain their individual wasteful projects and to get new pet projects approved.

I'm not sure why the articles discussing GAO's budget have focused solely on the "cost saving" smokescreen and have missed the much larger point that politicians are cutting the GAO to protect themselves. It has nothing to do with saving saving $35 million in GAO budget and has everything to do with maintaining hundreds of billions of dollars worth of wasteful projects and programs. As Paul would say, now you know the rest of the story.

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