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Feb 10, 2012



The suspension was lifted on April 13th. There will be no debarment.



I don't see this as a failure. The system caught a bad actor. Ethics can be taught, but a lack of morals, such as this man showed, is a personal character failing. I don't see how it is the company's fault. It did the right thing when it discovered the wrong-doing. Sadly, the government wanted to disbar other people who got the email and were only on the receiving end of his malfeasance.


We need to reflect on this.

The fired retired military officer had evidently become a bad actor while in uniform by taking data and violating regs and possibly criminal law before retiring. Then he retired, and infected the contractor.
Yes, the contractor managers acted too lamely or slowly and appear to merit the suspensions and other discipline meted out by their company.
However, the real seed was an officer violating his solemn oath, and quite possibly more.

So, it is certainly to correct to view this incident at least as much proof of corruption in government as anything else.


Too common in todays world. War for profit.Trusting the private sector is highly overrated...that is how anthrax was sent to people in those envelopes after 911...privitization...your tax dollars to private corporations who's only concern is to the stock holder.



Emile Zola

If this was the exception rather than the rule, I could say, yeah, let's keep corruption out of our government, but being this America's M.O., it becomes just a bone thrown to the dogs of the integrity crowd. In many places, this kind of gotcha is nothing more than a smoke screen for worse corruption, crimes. When drug traffickers want a big shipment of drugs to get through, they contract a poor mule that will be the sacrificial lamb to detour government agents to the lamb, so the largest mamut can get through.
Corruption in government is so endemic, that it is hard to tell what came first: Corruption or government and as with what came first egg or hen, the dilemma continues to mesmerize all. Wars, some day, might be a thing of the past, it's hard to imagine so, but I know for sure, corruption is here to stay and I'm afraid forever.

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