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Feb 15, 2012


Jill Thurtell

I read the book and I read a LOT of names so I don't know why this article says he's not naming names. He's clearly walking the walk. What more could Jack possibly do? All these things he's calling for with Public Trust completely undermine lobbying as it is today. People who remain suspicious of Jack simply do not understand the system. Jack cannot be helping the lobbying cause with what he's doing and if you've read the book like you say you do, you'll see all his bridges have been burned by his own match.


Sure he's trying to redeem himself. All he is doing is trying to do is look like one of the good guys, so anyone that was associated with him (eg Grover Norquist) won't look as guilty by association. Start naming names or STHU.

mark smyth

Seriously? Leopards dont change thier spots. just because this liar was sitting on Big Bubbas lap for a while does not mean he's a changed man. lets not forget he used to do lap dances for Chaney and Rove, two well known liars. this snake is only trying to sell books.

Eric Johnson

I don't really think that Abramoff is reformed. In his book, he goes to great trouble blasting Pablo Carrillo who was Senator McCain's staffer behind the Abramoff corruption scandal.

If Abramoff is so "reformed" then why does he spill ink on Mr. Carrillo for simply doing his job? Seems like the redemption tour is just the next swindle in the Abramoff saga.

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