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Feb 07, 2012



What isn't detailed is the refusal by OIG to even take a first report from a complaintant who alleges retaliation. You can't quantify what you don't count. Evidence speaks for itself Mr. Edwards.


"IG is not the EEOC to determine if discrimination is wide spread"

That would be the job of MSPB, under 5 USC 1204(a)(3): MSPB shall" (3) conduct, from time to time, special studies relating to the civil service and to other merit systems in the executive branch, and report to the President and to the Congress as to whether the public interest in a civil service free of prohibited personnel practices is being adequately protected"

Wouldn't you know, MSPB has never done this.

bob dole

Glad to see they screwed the pooch on this one

Richard Hoskins

They have been allegdly addressing work force issues for how many years! Well How many years ago was it posted here on this site, that Bray was being insulated (protected)?

Why do they need a big kick in the... to do the right and morale thing.. IG is not the EEOC to determine if discrimination is wide spread... or is it that it is just not reported because of fear of retaliation.. Like me and so many others know so well!

I am just wondering if FLEOA still stands behind Bray and of course his cronys.... from the Secret Service and the converts from other agencies because they are scared as manages as well in how easy their careers will be eneded like mine and others......

Blow the whistle and be able to sleep knowing you are there for the right purpose....

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