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Jan 20, 2012


Mary Blakely

I believe that those who wear the uniform of the United States Marine Corps are obligateted to uphold the standard of honor that is it's legacy, so by playing an active role in this betrayal they are no better than a spy or even worse a traitor. With this said, they should be purged from the ranks and publicly stripped of their ranks and thrown in jail . This tragedy has and continue to kill Brave Marines, Marine Corps Dependants, and Loyal Civilian Workers who are and have suffered all across this Country and world due to being exposed to toxins in their water while on active duty. My Mother died from a signature cancers involved with the exposure victims, my Father-Law a Navy Corpsman died of the same cancer a year later, and My Father Master Gunnery Sergeant James J. Leake died on January 5th of this year, 2012, from Agent Orange related lung cancer and his exposure to Lejeune's contaminated water sped up the rate at which his cancer matised to cut his life even shorter. Semper Fi ment something more than a slogan to them as it does for me. I only wish that it would mean more than that to someone sitting in positions to do something about this betrayal and compelled them to reach back to all the Brave and Innocent of Camp Lejeune's toxic water and give them medical care and respect that they earned by their service to this Country. They live and die every day of their lives living up to the ideals that Semper Fi represents.Mary Blakely

Frank Vera

The former George Air Force Base, CA, has similar problems with the water supply, health problems, and cover-up.

Did the Department of Defense, Army, and Air Force misrepresent the nature and extent of the contamination at George AFB? I believe that the answer is yes.

The Air Force is/was required by law to deny the existence of any environmental contamination that is/was the result of classified activities.

The DoD and Air Force inserted an interesting clause in the “Federal Facility Agreement for George AFB” that gives them the right to withhold records [pertaining to contamination] at the property. Page 43, 23. RELEASE OF RECORDS

The Air Force admits that it routinely withheld records about contamination from regulators, contractors, and the public. “Buried Radioactive Weapons Maintenance Waste”

Furthermore, The EPA and the Government Accountability Office found that the Air Force has no idea of what radioisotopes, the amount it buried, or the locations of the radioactive waste dumps on its bases. “Nuclear Regulation - The Military Would Benefit From a Comprehensive Waste Disposal Program”, “Better Data Needed For Radioactively Contaminated Defense Sites”, “Lost AEC Records”

Dr. Sabol was the Chief Environmental Officer for George AFB. However, I can find no evidence that Dr. Sabol was interviewed by any of the contractors involved in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP) or by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) for the Health Assessment of George AFB, and none of his environmental reports / investigations are in the George AFB Administrative Record (AR).

Frank Vera


once again, the military bureaucracy has proved itself unworthy of the fidelity of the young people who defended us.

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