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Jan 13, 2012



C-130 AMP. Boeing took you for $6 billion in development funds on a program that was only supposed to cost $4 billion from beginning to end to begin with. That's after they bought Darlene Druyun, number 2 in government procurement, to win the "competition". Seems like money well spent now. All they had to do is promise her a job that she never actually got. Although I think her daughter still works there. Not fishy at all, right? For their little "investment" I figure they made $600,000,000 in pure profit. They will not have produced a single operational airplane and you'll be out $6 billion.

You taxpayers truly are idiots. I mean, who else is stupid enough to pay a contractor a profit on development, then raise their pay to 6 times more than you were originally going to pay them because they were too inept to do what they originally said they could do for a mere $1 billion -- which, by the way, is more than Lockheed spent making their "J" model of the C-130 on their own nickle, and the "J" included new engines that the "AMP" doesn't have. And now you're going to get exactly what you deserved for your stupidity, which is exactly nothing. Because, fools and their money should be parted, and thank God we have defense contractors to take that money from you stupid people.

By the way, if this doesn't royally piss you off, then you are officially dead from the neck up and should report to the nearest morgue immediately if not sooner.

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