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Jan 26, 2012



Wow, what took so long for our government to get involved? When I was a supervisor in Kuwait in the 1990s I was informed that "you are treating our third country nationals too well" and "they'll get spoiled".... I was treating them as fellow human beings and actually paid for their chai(tea), sugar and powdered milk because they were paid so low and were worked so hard at 60 hours per week (6 days per week). I watched our tax dollars enslaving people and wondered why the American people were not aware of this.


has anyone heard of any other information bout armorgroup? I have been seriously considering apply there for private security, but I'm not sure if that's the type of place I want to be....

max brosman

wow,, tell me why i'm not very suprised by the idea of them doing human trafficking? unbelievable. pittsburgh contractors

government employee education and job Requirements

Thanks for bringing forth this valuable facts. I believe many were not aware of it including me.

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