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Jan 19, 2012


Dana Liebelson


When Peter says "our interpreters" he is not referring to all U.S. employed interpreters--but to the specific interpreters he worked with while in Iraq, which were generally not Iraqi nationals. As you can see in this excerpt from Peter's book, "only a tiny percentage of AMERICANS (emphasis added) deployed spoke any Arabic.) http://bit.ly/gRV9nb



This guy has no clue what he is talking about when it comes to the interpreters. To say they were mostly Iraqi Americans is completely false. Fact is less than 3 % of all interpreters used were american. THe rest were brave Iraqi nationals that helped america in a time of need. I hired more than 3 dozen of these Iraqi interpreters myself and they all spoke very good arabic as to be expected, along with the fact they spoke exceptional english. This clown Van Buren is grasping at straws I guess to get some attention. I cannot verify his other claims, but his incorrect facts about the interpreters were so far off base, I doubt anything he says is the truth. Check your sources DANA LIEBELSON. this guy just spoke out of his butt,when bringing up the interpreters.



You're toast. There is no such thing as whistleblower protection. It's a myth, a sham.

Public corruption and high crime in government pays and pays big. You and thousands of others have evidence to prove it.

The only way you can get back, if you can, is to go along with public corruption and high government crime. Welcome to the new America.

Happy New Year.

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mark smyth

The whole mess in Iraq stunk right from the start. Not just a waste of money, but of humanity, both American and Iraqi. I thank Mr. Van Buren for his valient effort, but the deck was stacked from jump street by uncle Dick and his murderous cronies at Halliburton.


Remember what happened to Bunny Greenhill for noticing the open door to waste.


Peter: well done, and a sincere thanks for your service. I just bought your book on Amazon ($13.89). I hope State lets you do something else that is useful. Best regards.

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