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Jan 12, 2012



I am a seventeen year old who experienced horrible menstrual cycles but being from a catholic family I couldn't get any help. Eventually on my own I went to planned parenthood and was prescribed birth control pills.

Less than two months later I had a massive blood clot(a DVT)- running from my right knee to my groin. The doctors attributed diagnosed the cause as birth control. I was advised about the risk of blood clots in a way that made it sound that I was at a very very low risk unless I was over thirty and smoked.

My entire life has been turned upside down. If they refuse to take these unsafe pills (that ironically are created to help woman) off the market then doctors should give more warnings about the effects.


So much more has to be done to rally people against ObamaCare and pharmaceutical companies. One of the things no one is talking about enough is the exploitation of infectious disease for profit. See my posts at http://targetedpatient.blogspot.com to see where we're going unless we stop it. I survived a burst appendix that doctors KNEW I had - and then called it Lyme disease and provided me oral antibiotics and other drugs when I should have had intravenous. Do you realize how much money they made off of me? Never mind me, but NYT reported 1/3 of America is chronically ill. I like this site.

bobbie boteler

Thank you POGO for looking out for our welfare!!

bobbie boteler

Why can't we (the people) be protected by the FDA and why does the FDA get to pass new drugs onto the consumers when they have repeatedly been told/advised that they are/could be dangerous???? It is time to stand up and get rid of the board members on the FDA that consistently puts Big Pharma ahead of the consumers that they are supposed to be protecting!!!!!!!

Sylvia Kaneko

Dr. Sidney Wolfe of Public Citizen, a member of the FDA advisory Committee, was asked by the committee chairperson to recuse himself because of conflict of interest. He heads the pharmaceutical research arm of Best Pills, Worst Pills and had apparently raised serious question about the safety of YAZ and YASMIN. He pushed for inclusion in the meeting and was blocked on every turn. It seems to me there was every reason on earth for the persons you mention with prior relationships with Bayor to have been asked to recuse themselves. Why were they not?

Robert Parshall

It would appear that this review committee is being STACKED, in favor of getting these drugs approved. Not only are conflicts of interest by panelists whose research is funded by the manufacturer being ignored - panelists who have real knowledge concerning the drugs but NO ties to the manufacturer are being excluded from the right to cast a vote. One case in point is Dr. Sydney Wolfe, of Public Citizen. Repeatedly over recent history with the FDA, his advice to remove drugs from the market - or at least to issue serious WARNINGS about their dangers - have been ignored, while the body count of consumers injured or killed has piled up, SOMETIMES for YEARS, before the FDA ultimately capitulates to his recommendations. He may be a thorn in the FDA's real agendas - favoring the Big Pharma interests who now are UNWISELY allowed to FUND the FDA - but the EMERGING PATTERN HERE suggests that the agency would do well to be more receptive to his advice! Just WHO is being protected here?

Janice Redinger

This is yet another probe exposing the corruption in our government. These people need to be tossed off the panels. They are dangerous, profiteering bastards.

Paolo DeVincenzo

Does anyone remeber Dr. urzinski of Texas, and the "Antineoplastons" he developed?...This man CURED Cancer. Plainn and simple. SO what did the FDA do?. In addition to a Fourteen year hounding, several Grand jury inquiries, a threat of imprisonment- Dr. Burzinski, somehow managed to escape the jaws of these thugs.
There's NO money in the cure-the money's in the TREATMENT.
CANNABIS CURES CANCER AND THE GOVERNMENT HAS KNOWN ABOUT THIS SINCE, AT LEAST, 1974-GOT TO and search for the "Schafer commission report of 1974.


Many of the new drugs to come to market in the last ten years since the prescription bill was passed,seem to have the same problem. The side effects seem to outweigh their usefulness. But so long as there is money to be made the FDA will approve their use. A new leader is needed for the department.

Tonya Ryan

Like that is news to anyone?! We, must as a group fight big business, before we loose even the right to have herb gardens and more.

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