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Jan 18, 2012



This facility should never be built. America does not need any more nuclear weapons.

MaryAnn Peters

We do not need more nuclear facilities; we need better control of the ones we have!

Laura Avant

Why doesn't someone start a petition on Signon (MoveOn's petition site) or the Petition Site or Change.org calling for construction to stop and the money frozen? It seems like we shoud be able to do something to stop this stupid and potentially dangerous boondoggle.

Hans de Koning

ANY facility that would be directed at the production of nuclear WEAPONS should be terminated immediately.

Swami Prem Kavyo

Instead of cutting Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security how about we cut government waste! Paying off political backers with fat government contracts, hiring contractors instead of completing the task with government resources, establishing governments in countries that didn't have one, etc., etc. There aren't enough modern nuclear weapons to destroy the earth several times over? Is this welfare for nuclear scientists? Washington better wake up real quick because the 99% is/are getting real pissed off without jobs, money, healthcare, underwater mortgages, while the people that caused all this pain just shovel money at Washington, and get away with RICO act levels of financial crime.

Vincent Ditizio

We have more than enough nuclear weopons that we hope to never use. Stop spending money on this.

Helen Tirben

This is disgusting when so many in this country are having a very hard time making it. Billions for Weapons of Mass Destruction? STOP THIS IDIOCY!!!!!!!

Robert Shorin

We are living in a "might makes right" era. A major part of the problem is that most Americans believe that we should keep a large nuclear arsenal as a deterrent, so we can feel powerful and believe in our invincibility; and too many of us are willing to have our taxes spent on defense even if it means sacrificing needed public services.

Elizabeth Kauffman

The US should be leading the world effort to get rid of nuclear weapons- not making more! We can't expect any other country to stop their efforts- if we are increasing our supply!

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