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Dec 16, 2011



Did you see that the Air Force has released the crash report for the F-22 that was lost in Alaska late last year? Wow, talk about a cover up. They couldn't figure out why the pilot's attention was focused on trying to breathe instead of being focused on flying the airplane. Yeah, I'd like to clamp my hand over the mouth and nose of General Browne, who signed the report, and see if he can figure it out then.

There is an obvious flaw in the logic in the F-22 computer that shut off the air supply due to the detection of a bleed air leak in the system. Granted, bleed air is hot. It can be 1000F, and can cause fires and the loss of other equipment and structures that cannot stand those temperatures. Even so, there are redundant systems to deal with the loss of avionics, and fire suppression system. Ultimately, even if the whole airplane becomes engulfed in flames, the pilot can eject, but if the pilot is incapacitated first by cutting off his air supply, none of those systems can help. Lockheed and the Air Force needs to change the logic so that the air supply stays on always.

Instead, they've chosen to blame the pilot and pretend all is well with the airplane. Typical big government bureaucracy at work. The bureaucracy exists to exist, no matter what the cost in dollars or in lives.

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