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Nov 09, 2011



Is DCAA any better today? What value do we add in the perfect working paper DCAA of today? I hate to admit it but metrics may be needed because in the DCAA of today, nothing gets done. We don't audit, we make files that are crazy. Our reports our so qualified, unsuported and adverse that they are of no use at the end of the day, if they ever get issued. The current DCAA Director is not up to the challenge of changing this place. To change DCAA you have to understand how bad it currently is and how beaten down the rank and file are. Time for Mr. Fitzgerald to move on and give someone else a shot at fixing an agency that gets worse by the day. The metrics of old have been replaced by continual second guessing and getting nothing done, at least before we added some value. We do nothing of any value anymore.

DCAA Auditor

Incredibly much thanks to Diem Thi Le for speaking out. One can't help to wonder how many quality Auditors were casualties of the abuse and left the agency.
I agree it is appalling the abusive employees still have their jobs. Getting rid of them would be a far stronger message and force for culture change. Granted they were influenced, possibly even directed, by superiors in their actions, but they could have said 'no' and supported Ms. Le's efforts.
I must add one comment: It is disgusting that one would compare mis-handling an abusive management situation to a situation involving rape of children (Penn State & the Catholic Church). However much harm was done by the managers is nothing compared to the life-long suffering endured by the victims at Penn State and the church.

Private Investigator NYC

I'm pretty sure that because of that revenge, the whistleblower will suffer a great woe. She tells everything that's why these bad guys do their best just to make her suffer and pay for what she done. Well written article, thanks a lot for that information!!


Now that Robert Brodsky no longer writes for Government Executive, who will expose all that is wrong with DCAA? There is mush more to be exposed.

NYC Private Investigator

I admire Diem-Thi Li for her courage to speak out. Whistleblowers like her put their careers on the line when they expose this kind of fraud.


DCAA in my opinion, is an unfixable federal bureaucracy. We are between a rock and a hard place. Congress wants contractors to get lucrative DoD contracts and that is fine but the hard working DCAA employees have to deal with DCAA management who are unable to see the big picture. Many in DCAA management view their fellow employees as the enemy and not as a team working to save the government money. One soon finds that the way to advance in the agency is to say that "all contractors are crooks", our fellow employees are not "Technically Competent" and the more unreasonable you are as a manager, in many cases the higher you will rise. Until we understand and address this no one is well served by this agency. Many of those in management could never hope to do the work of the average auditor as they are so far removed from what we deal with. Managers are more concerned with administrative nonsense than ever working with their auditors to produce a better audit. The very top level of DCAA management is more concerned with advancing their careers and covering for themselves than working as a team. Diem-Thi Le exposed all that is wrong with DCAA. To shut her up they gave her a GS-13 and hid her away somewhere but not until the agency was exposed for what it is. Just like Penn State Universities handling of their assistant football coach and the cover up at the very top, DCAA is really no different. For many the broken DCAA culture has been very, very good to them.

Emile Zola

The government is no0thing more than an Ali Baba cave, where among thieves, corruption, honesty is as letal as garlic to Dracula and every organization, not matter if religious or laic, military or civilian it has protective covers to condone, not only crimes, but also reaffirm its existence.
Bless are those, who putting their career in jeopardy for the good of the nation, have been made good, but the adage says: A swallow doesn't the summer make. The majority of whistle blowers aren't not that lucky. I was one of those and I'm sure that there are thousands of them where justice didn't buy them a second of truth.
The problem is that morally and fiscally this nation is bankrupt, and there lies the problem. For a flower to blossom, it has to have the right amount of soil, waterm nutrients to flourish, which is not what happenes to honesty. It is always the criminal that get promoted and if accused of a crime, there are safeguards that not only don't investigate, but promotions are in an a la carte menu, while the brave rot in jail, or become homeless.
The word Hero has been so prostituted that now being a hero doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Jessica Lynch, wounded in an accident, was given one of the highest medals ever, so the corrupt, criminal government of Bush, the retard pervert of Texas, could "buy", some way, honorability to cover his lies galore, his criminal enterprises and what the stupid voters were doing? Well, a la Romans, having their pan et circes and no one gave a rat's ass about our Constitution, our devalued American values and not copngress, not the justice system wanted to toch that war criminal with a ten foot pole. We need more Reverend Jeremiah Wrights, more Cindy Sheehans, more Bernie Sanders, more Dennis Kucinichs than politicians whose only goal in life is to become millionaires selling their constituents to the higher bidder.

Richard Wyeroski

She should be given a metal and the recognition for doing the right thing that she deserves.

Our government agencies unfortunately are full of dishonest and unethical supervisors and managers that cover-up fraud waste abuse and criminal activity.

In many cases these managers charge the federal worker with the misconduct that "they" are guilty of.

Throw in a dysfunctional Merit System Protection Board that has the responsibility to protect us and we have a receipt for disaster

Richard Wyeroski
former FAA Inspector
FAA Whistleblowers Alliance Member

Joyce Kokoska

It's unfortunate that reprisal suffered by Diem Thi Lei is alive and well in DCAA today, nearly 5 years after the OSC investigation started. Thi's efforts were valiant and responsible for major changes in the way DCAA conducts business. But there are still pockets of abuse scattered about the agency.
Employees are afraid of management retaliation and abusive management survives and flourishes in DCAA. As a former DCAA employee with 40 years of service, I’ve witnessed the same type of reprisal suffered by Thi Lei. DCAA’s upper level executives need to be vigilant and open minded in recognizing the signs of management abuse. Action to stamp out such behavior needs to be swift and even handed.


DCAA is totally broken and needs to be fixed. All I know is what DCAA is doing now is pathetic. This scandal destroyed the agency and it's only gotten worse.

Dave Truman

Marginal news -bad news. Marginal news, Thi gets some recognition for her courage, yet no meritorious service award given out like candy by the new Director this year to the most negligent DCAA managers; bad news, her retaliators get at most a slap on the hand (a suspension) for engaging in prohibited personnel practices, a violation of federal law. How did the DCAA attorney, Greenlee, who provided the GAG memo, get to keep his law license or job? The audit manager retaliators maintained their high pay grade levels in specially created jobs for them and some are now about to be promoted again. I understand the main culprit at the San Ana Branch Office, Angela Thomas, is currently instructing new first level managers and is a special assistant to the regional director, huh?!!! How does she keep her job let alone instruct new first level managers at DCAA? These retaliators simply cannot be trusted to protect the taxpayers' interests and should be fired, period!! Why should the citizens accept this level of negligence in their audit function? The DCAA management regime is a lot like the Catholic church's and Penn State's - protect the negligent so as not to expose the dysfunction of the bigger system.


The article was very well written and inspirational to us all. Thank you for sharing it.

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