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Nov 26, 2011


Ga liolios

Would make a great senator. With his knowledge and background he would be a great help in getting the country on the right tract.


Good riddance. This was long overdue. The man set the DODIG back about 30 years. He won't be missed.

brad giordani

Hundreds of billions are wasted, lost and a few contractors are sent to jail, while politically connected firms make millions. I was stunned to see 1600 folks working at the OIG. This is almost as sad as GAO with 1000 folks that manage to eat up 500 plus million a year on less than 1000 audits and select appearences. At least with GAO you know the report cost over 500,000. The DOD hotline director and Bozo Mr.Trahan ignored combat troops cry for help. These two groups produce next to nothing and waste a ton of dough, without fixing the problems. NO ONE GOES TO JAIL ANYMORE.

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