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Nov 13, 2011



Good post but let's not blame it all on Scott Bloch. OSC was a trap for whistleblowers for years, even during Elaine Kaplan's tenure. Scott only became notorious for his homophobia and turning on his staff, who was aiding in obstructing whsitleblower cases for years. But the selective prosecution and ignoring case files is common among all Special Counsels (save Carolyn Lerner... waiting). Remember, Bloch had a backlog when Kaplan left. Also, where was Kaplan when the Federal Circuit issued harmful precedents after the 1994 WPA act (within her tenure, that is)? Nowhere, silent as a mouse.

Yet, her sins of omissions are white washed and emphasis is placed on Bloch.

It's convenient to turn this into a crypto-partisan issue, but the failings of OSC and their leaders is common among both parties. And the reasons for that are simple: $$$ and power.

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