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Oct 28, 2011


Niko Borosky

The auditors are far too nice and respectful. State officials' conduct qualifies as malfeasance and other felonies, including dereliction of duty and negligence. Time to frogmarch these awful "civil servants" and indict them for criminal violations. They can build themselves the world's largest, plush embassy and find ways not to leave the Green Zone. But now it is show time, and they are poised to preside over the squandering of the (pitifully small) accomplishments of our overall presence to date, all in the name of shedding blame and refusing to be accountable. Who is brave enough to make the case?? Yes, I know Hillary's star is rising--and it should overall--but she is now complicit in the incompetence of her underlings. The collapse of State stewardship of our interests in Iraq will be a body blow to the president's re-election prospects. We all know that, so why not act on it? More importantly, it is in our national interest to do so.

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