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Oct 27, 2011



There is no punishment for these types of crimes which is why they continue to happen even though it costs hundreds of thousands of lost taxpayer $$ and loss of good employees. For Christ's sake, define a crime, find a punishment that fits the crime, and enforce the punishment. After a few 'enforcements', the crimes will stop.

Emile Zola

I don't believe any thing that comes from any armed service, DOD, or government for that matter. There are many thousands of cases, some well-known, but the majority fall through the cracks and no one in government, including I.Gs care an iota about whistleblowers. They are up the creek w/o a paddle and just because some cases are published to try to make believe that our government is for the truth and stamping out fraud, waste and abuse, then think again.
People who complain, even with that other baloney about "open door policy" is non other that a tramp, or better yet, an entrapment so corruption, political nepotism and other government malfeasances can continue unimpeded.

Otherwise, why when people report wrongddoings, war crimes, they are the ones that are crucified. They put their careers on jeopardy and yet the rewards are a general or dishonorable discharge or worst, killed by friendly fire? or forced to move to save his/her life and those of the family as already has happened.
There is a saying that justice delayed is justice denied, well the same should apply to merits, medals, as with those two helicopter pilots that saw a massacre of civilians in Viet Nam, and they decided to risk their lives and yet such valor wasn't recognized but decades later, as if when they did that act of heroism was a more of a terrorist attack or as tea partiers always said: Pal around with terrorists, because they save those "commies' lives" and that is not allow in a country that proclaims democracy when it apllies to others, but no democracy when it applies to Occupy Wall Street movement. The more things change, the more they stay the same and the whistle blow program corroborates over and over that it might look like things are going to improve, but reality is another matter and the status quo is back in business. This is as American as apple pie.

brad giordani

The revolving door allowed for an easy transition to private life, even though he should have beed fired. This is a perfect example of no matter what you do in a high level position, there is no jail time thanks to the good old-boy network. Its these same rascals that cause billions to bleed from usg coffers while creating wealth for the good old boy network from the waste. SES's and like do not have to account to anyone, except the CiC. To bad gao will not tackle the hill/wh corruption that is all connected to the same troff.


WTF Obama, draw a hard line on bullies in your administration!


The paeans to honor and service in those letters ring hollow. The truly honorable thing to do would have been to unceremoniously can this clown once the first whistleblower report was corroborated. Failure to do so falls on Gates and Panetta.

Work Place Humanity

Watch out for Rooney. She creates toxic work environments and is certaintly underqualified for her position. That combo can be a case of "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

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