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Oct 03, 2011


Jack Lohman

Look, until we eliminate the rot at the root, we will forever be in trouble. The wide income disparity is caused -- 100% -- by political corruption. Politicians taking money from rich people who want to get richer, all to write laws that keep the money flowing in their direction. Stop this corruption (with public funding of campaigns) and these politicians will start making laws that benefit the country. Some will benefit the rich and some the poor, but they will be uncorrupted.

At some point in time we must get off of these diversionary issues. We have a lot of serious problems but they are ALL caused by political corruption. Politicians have opened themselves to political bribes, which result in corporate giveaways of taxpayer cash. Get the bribes out of the system and these "problems" will be fixed virtually overnight.

Our time must be spent on replacing the corruption, and getting rid of Obama and his Republican adversaries, and install non Republicans and non Democrats must be first on our list.

Jack Lohman

>>> "America will always do the right thing, but only after everything else fails." Winston Churchill

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