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Oct 13, 2011



This program is a joke. It has been dragging on for decades and is no closer to delivering what was promised now than it was when it started. It's a friggen radio! Electronics companies have developed radios at their own expense for a hundred years, but now they suddenly need government funding to cover their development expenses? Why? Hell, look at the revolution that's happened in cellular phone technology over just the period of time that this program has been dragging it's sorry ass along. Phones now are a thousand times more capable and serve a huge segment of the world's population. The JTRS units that have been prototyped to date are huge and unwieldy. They are a classic example of all that's wrong with our procurement system today.

Get the government out of the development cycle. They can help by funding and even applied research, but then leave companies alone to design the hardware in a competitive environment that will drive costs down instead of up. I'm not talking about rocket science here. I'm talking about common sense. Does it make sense to continue to pay contractors more profit to screw over the US taxpayer and the soldiers in the battlefield? No. So STOP!

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