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Sep 06, 2011



"But wouldn't it look worse if we lost a plane or a pilot because the Air Force failed to fully address these issues?"

I don't believe you are serious when you ask that question.
From a Public Relations standpoint, a downed plane is a plus, to be used to stir the emotions of the taxpayers.
It might not seem that way to the pilot and his/her family, but we all gotta make sacrifices.


Lockheed has a firm commitment to engineering excellence. After all, look at the credentials of their vice-president of engineering, Glenn Miller. He has a technology degree from Rochester Business Institute (now part of Everest Institute, in stores near you). Apparently a prestigious degree like that will get you on the Engineering Advisory Board at UTEP too. It's great to have someone like that forming engineering curricula for new engineering candidates. Of course, if they solved this problem, they wouldn't be making anymore money off of it now, would they? Just part of the genius of the way the DoD does business with your tax dollars that they take from you at the point of guns you pay them to have contractors build.


clearly the RAND CORPORATION's estimate of the F-22 didn't stick. operation pacific vision.

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