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Sep 01, 2011


Bruce E. Woych

What we are witnessing is a "strategic failure to communicate."


Tactful recognition of failures become tantamount to political revelation and acknowledging the validity of potential corruption and collusion is an affirmation of personal innocence and an empty echo call for a justice remains unanswered.

We go nowhere with resolving or solving the consequences and never even breach the questions of ritual causality. It becomes an exercise in futility to think that the normative approach to self-correcting government can right itself. Kant's "Perpetual Peace" becomes a Utopian wish-wash. Consequently distorted as self proclaiming and self fulfilling Perpetual War expenditure that subsidizes the revenue streams of our most rabid and violent wealth brokers: acting as warlords in finance and political expedience. WAR AS PEACE has become the normative rule.


Having recently reviewed many GAO Reports on DOD problems, Defense Business Board Results, as well as related Congressional Hearings, the DOD Organizational structure is systemically flawed and Congress fails to require that before they appropriate "truckloads of money", that DOD prove they have sufficient trained personnel available to track the expenditure to completion. DOD has so many enterprise systems which are inefficient and wasting money, that Senator McCaskill stated in a recent (27 August 2011) Hearing:"According to the department's systems inventory, this environment -- now this is hard to believe -- this environment is composed of 2,258 business systems and includes 335 financial management, 709 human resource management, 645 logistics, 243 real property installation, and 281 weapon acquisition management systems."
The major systemic flaw in the DOD Management process is the politically appointed Secretary incapable of managing.

Scott Amey

DoD says ... “We have already implemented a number of steps to improve contingency contracting based on the department’s own analysis, as well as recommendations from the independent reviews of the Government Accountability Office and the inspector general, and the commission’s previous publications and interim reports,” said Marine Col. Dave Lapan, acting deputy assistant secretary of defense for media operations.



The report and the commissioners, in interviews, seem to bend over backwards to say the fault was with the contracting process and governing policies and with lousy govt oversight. While contractor inadequacies are there in living color and well documented. The contractors have not commented much. And they include a range of our major firms, not just demons like KBR. I would love to see the Professional Services Council comment candidly on lessons learned for contractors. Perhaps at the upcoming meeting at the Greenbriar the women and men of the industry will put on a special panel on this subject. Or, perhaps not.

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