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Sep 27, 2011



Transparency is the enemy of government bureaucrats and the power elite. See C. Wright Mills. The powerful have an interest in protecting their power, even at the expense of those they are ethically and legally bound to serve. It is a tribute to those organizations such as POGO that they push for having the truth see the light of day. Only when that is accomplished will the general public be in a position to advocate for the collective interest of the total community and not be propagandized by the mendacious motives of those in power. There is currently an exhibit at the Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C. that tells the story of Nazi deception. At the entry of the exhibit are listed the characteristics of the German propaganda machine. Had the exhibit not been identified as focusing on Nazi Germany during the 1920s and 1930s, you would have thought these characteristics were a perfect description of America's current institutions of information dissemination. Transparency is the only antidote to propaganda.


FOIA is indeed a great thing. A powerful tool that people can use to keep government on the right track. The other half of this is good investigative journalism, as displayed by the Drilling Down series. Without dedicated pros like Urbina we would be much worse off.

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