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Sep 23, 2011


brad giordani

POGO wrote, "POGO’s Bryan Rahija pointed out earlier this year that in times of fiscal duress in particular, investing in oversight is ultimately “a boon for taxpayers.” Given that the GAO has demonstrated repeatedly that its earning potential far exceeds its investment requirements, it would be a shame for Congress to further strap the GAO’s resources.

I strongly disagree with this statement. I have vast experience dealing with GAO. GAO has agenda's like other agencies. I have been trying to get a response from GAO for over two years. When I pressed GAO for a reply, William Solis (bean counter) called the Police (FPS) about my email asking for an accounting. The GAO said FRAUD was OK and the subsititution od war orders were ok, even though the troops rejected the bait and switch. Once I get a hearing (oversight) several folks at GAO will be jailed or fired.

I am ashamed of our GAO and how they conduct their business and will sell out a small business to gain polical favortism. I can prove everything, all I need is a chance to be heard.

Agency Employee

As a GAO analyst, I can report that we are working under great uncertainty with the level of professionalism that Americans expect from us.

That being said, the Congress (our client), by failing to reach resolution, is damaging morale at our agency. Roughly 80% of our budget comes from salary, so a 7%-10% cut means that we will have to lay people off (or furlough, which is only a temporary solution). The fact that the numbers are so far from what we need to maintain a constant level of service--and that the workforce did not get sufficient notice to prepare--is deeply frustrating.

What is also frustrating is the knowledge that our country faces profound budget challenges, primarily due to entitlement spending, debt servicing, and the military. Cutting non-defense discretionary spending is only a distraction from the more profound challenges we face. One feels a bit like a sacrificial lamb, but I suppose Schadenfreude is the essence of the day.


So I get it this is the new effort to hide the government wasteful spending from the public. Privatize everything overcharge and under deliver with no oversight.......Sounds like things worked out so well for Halliburton with their non-bid contract in Iraq and our billions of $'s just vanishing with no accountability that we need to expand this program so everyone can participate. Guess Ima gonna go get me one of them overseas p.o. boxes with a big INC. next to my name and see if I can join in the fun.

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