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Sep 16, 2011



The difference between NASA today and NASA of the 1950's and 1960's is that back then the only people who designed rockets for NASA were people who had experience designing rockets. Von Braun, among others, had designed hundreds of rockets before he designed the Saturn V. Today, NASA doesn't even have a position for "rocket designer". It does not exist. To note that no one with any rocket design experience has designed this latest rocket is just stating the obvious. They not only don't have anyone who has designed rockets working for them, they don't even have the position of rocket designer.

I mean, hell, would you go to a dentist that had never worked on anyone's teeth? You wouldn't even pay $50 to a dentist with no more credentials than a current NASA "rocket scientist" has, but you'd happily let NASA spend billions of your tax dollars just on the chance that some committee of anonymous, unaccountable idiots got the design of this rocket right. What kind of morons are you people -- and yes, I mean you taxpayers -- that you would let these NASA bureaucrats spend your money like that?

No accountability. No one's name is on that top level design drawing. No one who has designed a rocket even works there. But, hey, that's nothing to you. Spend a few billion more dollars, NASA. You must know what you're doing. After all, we're too busy watching football to care how our money is spent.

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