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Sep 02, 2011


Emile Zola

There is saying that states: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, ergo, that the CIA, AKA Criminals In Action, commit crimes galore, including war crimes, is not news, it's what they do best and since 9/11 they have reached the pinnacle of atrocities. This is something that it's expected from the Stalins, Nazis, the Castros, Pinochets, but America? It wasn't too long ago that obstruction of justice was crime grave enough to force president Nixon to resign, but now crimes against humanity, invading countries for oil are the new "American values" and what is worst, there isn't one person, an institution, organization that dares to bell this cat of this Crime, INC nation we call “democratic and Christian. Who thought that, with the passing of times, we would become the old USSR and that they would become a democracy. Talking about contradictions!


what i find irritating about this type of thing is that we already have hundreds perhaps thousand of HIGH CRIMES that have been left behind. the lack of an elected president for 8 years for one. a staged event, though badly carried off on 911. the total ruination of every positive action carried out by FDR, clear evidence of banking fraud never seen in human history. Wars on "terrorism" by the largest purveyor of terrorism on earth, the US, followed by Israel. fleecing the american people because they're too mentally incompetent to feel the "man" reaching into their pockets. the Bush Family Cartel will be shown as the worst group of thieves murderers, sadists, perverts, and rodents ever to draw breath in Washington DC. did the State Department have anything with torture and rendition? there was a bush roach running wasn't there? jesus f. christ, let's move on here.


and? anything new? no? that's what i thought.

Neil Gordon

What's also interesting about this case is that these highly sensitive documents were sitting in (virtually) plain view in a court file for several years. Yet the DOJ successfully got an ACLU lawsuit over the rendition program thrown out by arguing disclosure of documents like these would harm national security.

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