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Aug 23, 2011


carol  Reom

OOPS! sounds more like get them into the hopper quick before any one sees they're gone.

Emile Zola

If these acts were coming from Mother Teresa, then we could blame it on the dog, but since these types of M.O. come from the most corrupt and criminal administrations ever, we have to conclude that this is the new America.
I remember well when Nixon was forced to resign for obstruction of justice and now war crimes for which we executed soldiers from other nations don't even register in the radar of our "moral" values.
I also recall how one president, just as mentally challenged as that one from Crawford, Texas and lo and behold, his father, said: Read my lips, no more taxes, and he lost his re-election, because it was taken that he went back on his promise, yet that coward from Texas and our new Bush, AKA, Obama have reneged all their promises and noone gives a rat's ass.
This type of malfeasance should be the norm from now on, all we have to do is wait for the coming of our next mentally challenged or another hope and change tyrant and we could count ourselveslucky if the ovens don't re-open under "new management", more "Christian, more democratic" than herr Hitler.

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