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Aug 16, 2011



I am totally taken aback by this Department of Commerce ITA’s Special American Business Internship Training Program (SABIT) which has been assisting U.S. companies active in or entering emerging markets training "opportunity". I read the announcement in the 4 August 2011 Federal Register. Unbelievable! So we are training our young business types who are selected "based on their fit with Russian host organizations, ability to utilize the knowledge gained during the program to further U.S.-Russian business development, and overall quality of the application submitted" for a 2 week, all expenses paid (except for Russian visa costs) session so we can buy more Russian goods and services. We already have to hitch a ride with the Russians if we want manned satalite services and who knows how much more. But what do we make in this counry? Basically nothing since jobs are exported to foreign countries. If this is an example of government spending and creating jobs to get our economy back on track, no wonder the US is in trouble. But we could take advantage of our cracker-jack business executives (not politicians or liberal educators in our colleges and universities) in this country that could be mentors to our young busiess people? Or am I wrong?

Bruce E. Woych

The interactions with Russian political intrigue and corruption has been on an "exchange" basis since the 1940s (at least). We owe our "occult" operations and secret internal government format to collaborations and "mutual respect" and our deeply flawed National Security system owes a great deal to the formations of KGB secret strategic operations and apparatus that followed (The "Double Dulles" history of OUR State Department and the CIA one my say, mixing double dealing, double crossing and political double indemnity into one pseudo-military cold war adventure exploit. Of course no one really can follow any of its "intelligence" or developments as a "secrets community" with highly questionably "financed" opportunities after the match making "cold war" and Red scare days were over... but what the hay...: it all becomes American Interests at the end of the day.

Of course when Russia "capitulated" to the realities of realism in a capitalized globe, we sent "experts" to make sure they did it right. That scenario shows more about our system than anything we claim to reveal in academic pandering, but that's how we end up reinventing the wheel of fortune ! The Russians failed so well at creating a democratic market political economy, that it seems that we have been copying their stylistic black ops politics ever since.

So now we are officially sending our "Commerce" leadership over to find out how to suppress the masses Russian style AY? Well God Bless America, they sure know how to capture operational know how; and when they don't...well they go to the Russians for the short cut and the stealthy way to wealth producing corruption.
But please: ...None Dare call it "REASON"

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